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During the business life cycle, clients rely on the services of accountants, lawyers, bankers, portfolio managers, tax and estate planners and insurance advisors. Our philosophy is that everyone should do what they do best.

We have developed a round table approach bringing together a highly credentialed and specialized group of professionals. Our team can collaborate and act as a resource to your trusted accounting and legal advisors to deliver results proven over our 30 year industry experience.

Insurance &


In the estate planning process, insurance provides the funding component to satisfy the monetary goals of the estate. Being one of the most powerful tools on the financial planning landscape, we specialize in providing innovative, independent, tax efficient insurance contracts. We have an in-house medical underwriting team that helps in complex cases before going to market.

Tax minimization is a key element in optimizing wealth.  At the same time, tax planning should not be done at the expense of business efficiency.  At Pinnacle Global Solutions we work with our clients’ advisors, utilizing our 30+ years of tax structuring knowledge to ensure that the tax strategies are understood and implemented effectively. We also work with industry-recognized tax leaders at PPI under the guidance of Chris Ireland, to ensure that we deliver the most effective solutions in the industry for the high-net-worth market.

Tax & Estate


Wealth Management

The portfolio managers at DeLuca Veale provide independent counsel and expert discretionary portfolio management in the equity, bond and real estate markets. They can customize portfolios based on your goals, tax considerations and risk tolerances in a low fee environment.

Private Banking

In some cases, tax and estate planning strategies require specialty bank leveraged concepts. Private banking resources are available to our clients at mainstream financial institutions as well as private equity firms.


We collaborate with your trusted accounting advisor to create funding strategies to address your family and business needs in the areas of taxation, corporate reorganizations and general estate planning.


We will work collaboratively with your trusted legal advisor to develop funding solutions to fulfill estate planning objectives in the areas of succession, legacy planning and general wealth preservation and transfer goals.

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